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2008-10-11 20:36:18 by vincesway

wuz going AOWN!!??

First things first, i posted a new flash and you can check it out Here!

So school has started and i cant make much animations that much anymore and you guys are now pissed off at me now, even tho that people mostly think i suck at flash

Im asking for flash for christmas and hopefully i will get it

The reason i want it is because i will improve on Macromedia Flash 8 (even all of the flashes i make on this account is used with adobe flash cs3 but yeah) just like Eddsworld he made flashes since 2002 and look at his videos now!

Im always missing the opportunities for making REAL good flashes but my latest flash used 5 LAYERS!! suprisingly.......

hee hee

I will keep you updated


dont forget to check out my youtube account!

And my other newgrounds account!



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2008-10-11 21:10:04

I reviewed your flash and gave it a five.
Even if it doesn't pass, please take time to view that review in the obituaries, i spent a looong time on it.


2010-06-21 10:02:12

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